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Love Hurts


How can you love someone when that someone doesn’t love you back?

Why is it that the person who truly loves is the one who gets really hurt?

Why is it that the person who longs to be loved doesn’t get love?

How come when you give all the love that you have, you don’t get back the love that you deserve?

Because love hurts, love bites, love is unfair…


Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

Wear your wedding ring. It reminds you of your promises you made during our wedding day. You promised me that from that day forward, I will never walk alone, your heart will be my shelter, and your arms will be my home. With that ring, it will lead you not into temptation and will remind you to go home early because your wife is waiting for you. That ring is your status symbol that you’re now married. That ring is me.

That Monday


hugs and kissesIt was Monday. I had a busy day. I got stressed with all the things I have to finish within the day.
I went out. Bought some things for us. I texted you and said I’ll be home in a bit. It was 7pm, I did not realize.

I was home. I’m tired. I need you.
You knocked at the door. You’re mad.
You said where was I. You’ve been here but can’t get in because you have no key.
I said I texted you. I went to ask for a kiss.
You pushed me a bit and said you’re in a hurry.
My heart sank. I just want a kiss. It’s just 2 seconds of your time. Why can’t you give it to me?

I cried. I’m tired the whole day and I just need a kiss from you to bring back my energy.
But you pushed me away.
I went up to you and said why do you have to push me away?
You said you’re just tired.
We’re both tired. Am I not the one who can take those tiredness away?

You’re unfair. I cried harder. I’m tired and I need you. But you do not want to comfort me.
I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
You went out. I cooked food for you. I did not eat.
You came back. I opened the gate. Went straight to bed.
You ate. I heard you went to get something on your bag.
Suddenly I felt something poking at my butt.
No, it’s not what you think!
It’s a bar of chocolate. You said I’m sorry.
We hugged, And gave me the kiss I was asking.
I love you. I love you. I love you.
Oh, Monday blues!

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mom-and-kidsI love my children so much! They’re God’s greatest gifts! However, at times (or many times), I can’t help but shout at them really loud that my entire neighborhood can also hear my scream loud and clear.

My daughter is 8 and my son is 5. They always play but during their play time, they always end up fighting. And I hate it when one of them starts to cry or hit each other. I am working online and I cannot concentrate when there’s so much noise within my working area. I don’t shout at them right away when I hear them crying or screaming, I talk to them first in my normal voice tone and ask them what’s happening or what’s going on, but they’re ignoring me as if no one’s talking. So, after a few minutes of still hearing them fighting, I ask them once more, but still, no one’s answering me. I let it pass since I’m also busy with my job. BUT once I can hear them again fighting and shouting, that’s the time I scream back to them at the top of my lungs. Sometimes I am patient to them when I am not busy doing something, but since most of the time I am busy, I am always impatient. Am I being unfair to my kids for being impatient? Should I just ignore them when they’re fighting – after all, all siblings fight when they’re playing so let them handle their own battle.

That’s not the only time I yell to them. I yell when I ask them to do something and they’re not obeying me after 3-4x of asking. I yell to them when we are in a hurry but they’re moving like they’re taking all the time in the world. I yell to them when I ask them to eat but they’re just playing while eating.

I know I am not the only mother who yells to their kids but believe me or not, I feel pain after shouting at them – they’re my precious ones but why am I hurting them with my loud voice? I do not say bad words when I scream but I can see on their adorable faces that they got scared. After I scream, in about 2 minutes, my son will come to me and say he’s sorry for what he did. And that would always melt my heart. I will then kiss him and hug him tight and say my sorry and explain to him why I screamed that way. My daughter on the other hand is very stiff – she would never start saying sorry for everything. BUT when I call her and I ask for forgiveness, that’s the time she would say “sorry too, mama” and everything will be back to normal —- in 4 to 5 hours and back to fighting and screaming again.

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