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House Chores


house choresOh my gosh! Just by thinking about doing the chores makes me wanna pull all my hair out! I’m not the most industrious person in the world but I’m also not the dirty type. But because I have 2 kids in the house who always leave their toys in all the corners of the house minute after minute, then you’ll surely wanna give up cleaning.

Why do my kids won’t clean up their mess? I always tell them to put back their toys to its storage bin after playing but they never do it unless I get mad. And not only that, I have to wash the plates, cook foods, pick up the laundry, sweep the floor, fix the bed, and many many more! I love being a stay at home mother but sometimes I just want to lie in bed and not get stressed with all the household chores!

It feels so good when your house is clean and orderly – that’s how my house looks like before I go to sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning at 5am. But when my son wakes up at 7 or 8am, that’s when disaster comes. He starts getting all his toys and throws it everywhere. And then my daughter wakes up too and does the same. So, can you imagine how my house looks like with all the toys and shirts lying around the floor, on the table, cabinet, and elsewhere?

Am I complaining? Yes, kindda, sorta! But when I reflected about it (while in the bathroom) few days ago, I came to realize that “these too shall pass” then I got scared. I mean, they’re not gonna be kids forever, my house won’t be that messy forever! And when I came to a point and realize that they’ll be growing up soon, then my heart sank! I don’t want them to grow old fast……………. I’m going to miss their innocent look, their hugs and kisses, their cries, their calling me “mama, I got hurt”, me sleeping with them every night (we share the same bed – we’re not rich! lol!), and every thing about them even the mess!!! Imagine that, I’ll miss even their mess! My life would be boring without those mess! Those house chores that I hate doing plays a very important role in my life! Those mess are my treasures that would remind me how it’s like to live a life having happy kids around your house. Kids will always be messy and messy house means you have happy and comfortable kids that loves playing around with you in your lovely house. And so I say, “bring out all the mess that you can, kids, I’m ready for it!”

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mom-and-kidsI love my children so much! They’re God’s greatest gifts! However, at times (or many times), I can’t help but shout at them really loud that my entire neighborhood can also hear my scream loud and clear.

My daughter is 8 and my son is 5. They always play but during their play time, they always end up fighting. And I hate it when one of them starts to cry or hit each other. I am working online and I cannot concentrate when there’s so much noise within my working area. I don’t shout at them right away when I hear them crying or screaming, I talk to them first in my normal voice tone and ask them what’s happening or what’s going on, but they’re ignoring me as if no one’s talking. So, after a few minutes of still hearing them fighting, I ask them once more, but still, no one’s answering me. I let it pass since I’m also busy with my job. BUT once I can hear them again fighting and shouting, that’s the time I scream back to them at the top of my lungs. Sometimes I am patient to them when I am not busy doing something, but since most of the time I am busy, I am always impatient. Am I being unfair to my kids for being impatient? Should I just ignore them when they’re fighting – after all, all siblings fight when they’re playing so let them handle their own battle.

That’s not the only time I yell to them. I yell when I ask them to do something and they’re not obeying me after 3-4x of asking. I yell to them when we are in a hurry but they’re moving like they’re taking all the time in the world. I yell to them when I ask them to eat but they’re just playing while eating.

I know I am not the only mother who yells to their kids but believe me or not, I feel pain after shouting at them – they’re my precious ones but why am I hurting them with my loud voice? I do not say bad words when I scream but I can see on their adorable faces that they got scared. After I scream, in about 2 minutes, my son will come to me and say he’s sorry for what he did. And that would always melt my heart. I will then kiss him and hug him tight and say my sorry and explain to him why I screamed that way. My daughter on the other hand is very stiff – she would never start saying sorry for everything. BUT when I call her and I ask for forgiveness, that’s the time she would say “sorry too, mama” and everything will be back to normal —- in 4 to 5 hours and back to fighting and screaming again.

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